If You Watch Orange Is The New Black, We Can Guarantee You’ve Never Seen It Like THIS Before

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If Pugs were the stars of every television show, I would probably spend much more time watching tv than I do now! This is an adorable compilation of pugs starring in shows based on real tv shows.

These pugs act out different scenes from different television shows; the tv show names are changed to hilarious Pug puns! The video starts off with the “Friends” theme song, with pugs sitting in front of a water fountain, much like the actual Friends tv show intro. They’re dressed in wigs and outfits and it’s absolutely adorable! The ones to follow get better and better, you definitely need to watch! From “The Pug Of Thrones” to “Pug’s Anatomy,” I promise you won’t be disappointed! Doug the Pug is quite the actor!

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