This Pug Loves To Watch The Dog Show On Thanksgiving. LISTEN To The Noise He Makes When He Sees The Other Dogs!

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It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the Westminster Dog Show! Oh yeah, and Thanksgiving too! Last year the traditional Westminster show had an estimated 22 million viewers, but for one dedicated viewer, it looks like she’s waited all year!

This is Petunia, an adorable pure-bred pug who clearly keeps up with all the latest canine celebrities. Her owners have put the show on the big screen for her and she’s absolutely glued to it! She stands up on her hind legs and watches the television like she wishes she could jump straight into it. She even tries to jump a bit, just to get closer to the dog on screen. Don’t worry Petunia, I feel the same way when Dwayne Johnson is on the tube!

It may be a far cry from her living room to the world famous dog show but for this little pug it seems like watching the event may be all she can have for now. Dream on, Petunia…Dream On!

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