A Puffer Fish Swims Up To Divers. What He Does Next Is Shocking!

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Some people were scuba diving in Oahu, Hawaii when they had a pleasant surprise. They saw a puffer fish, who was later named “Pudge,” swimming around, which you’re probably thinking is normal, because it is. But that wasn’t the surprise! The surprise was how the fish acted. His bubbly, outgoing personality definitely showed and you have to watch it for yourself to believe it!

The adorable puffer fish came over to check out what all the commotion was about. He stayed around the divers, letting them pet him but kept scurrying away. After a little bit, he gained the divers’ trust and came back for more. But not just to be pet, he came back for full on scratches and belly rubs! It’s amazing to see how smart and friendly some fish can be! One of the workers at Oahu Diving said: “Most fish always keep a slight distance from the divers but some just all of a sudden break all the rules and surprise us.”

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