Blind Dog Always Had Trouble Getting Around, Until He Met A Stray Cat Who Helped Lead The Way

Cats have amazing hearing. Unlike humans whose hearing diminishes while sleeping, cats’ hearing is always on so that they can be ready for any danger that presents itself.

This cat, named Pudditat, puts his awesome senses to good use; but it’s not what you’d expect.

Tervel, a 14-year-old chocolate lab, is blind and partially deaf, and always had a hard time getting around. His owner, Ann, didn’t have him while he was a puppy, but she heard that he had been thrown against the wall, which caused his blindness. It’s easy to imagine how traumatizing that must’ve been for this poor pup.

A while after Ann adopted Tervel, she took in Pudditat, a stray cat. He isn’t the friendliest with other cats, and would sometimes bully them. But when it comes to Tervel, he’s totally different.

Him and Tervel bonded right away, and Pudditat acts as his “guide cat” in a way. He must’ve realized that Tervel is pretty vulnerable and cannot see, and has helped lead him around ever since.

They are the best of friends and are inseparable. Even when they’re outside, they’re nose to tail, with Pudditat in the lead and Tervel following him. Tervel trusts Pudditat and relies on him to help him get around without bumping into things like he used to.

Watch them in the video below:

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