Dog Breeds That Will Enjoy Accompanying You to Local Pubs

Nowadays, people bring their pets almost anywhere they go. You’ll see cats and dogs in malls, salons, restaurants, and even inside offices. Establishments that allow pets indoors have enforced policies for a clean and safer experience. Regulations also ensure that other people won’t be bothered by the presence of animals in the vicinity. Other than following policies, you must be aware of your dog’s social skills. If they tend to act aggressively with strangers, then it’s best to avoid big crowds. It is the owner’s responsibility to prevent accidents and attacks caused by their pets. Aside from defensive behavior, your dog must be well-mannered — not barking at every person or animal they encounter outdoors.

If you are an outgoing person and plan on adopting a dog, you should consider breeds suitable for public settings. For instance, frequently going to local pubs with your friends. Sometimes you’d want to bring your dog with you so your friends can meet them. Moreover, others often prefer eating in a pub with their dog instead of going alone. Dog breeds suitable for that kind of lifestyle do exist. You can bring them anywhere without worrying if they’ll cause trouble. Consider the following dog breeds listed below before deciding who to adopt. They will undeniably match your socializing skills and outgoing lifestyle.

Labrador Retriever

The famous Labradors are calm companions that won’t give you problems in pubs. They are also clingy to their human parents and will not typically try to run around the area. Just ensure that you have walked them before settling inside a pub. Walking them can reduce excess energy making them calmer — spending time under the table to rest. More importantly, Labrador Retrievers are friendly and affectionate. They can even help you socialize with other people, as they are less likely to be aggressive toward strangers than many breeds.


When asked about dogs with manners, most people would think of the Poodle. Their intelligence is an advantage that helps them easily adapt to their surroundings. Once they’re settled in, you can expect that your Poodle will always accompany you in local pubs. Also, Poodles tend to be shy in the presence of strangers at first. Because of that, they may bark. That doesn’t typically last for a long time — as soon as they get accustomed to the pub’s surroundings, expect them to calmly enjoy the vibes.


You can carry a Pug anywhere due to their cute size, making them the perfect pub companion. Most small dogs would get anxious in unfamiliar and crowded places, but a Pug can stay unbothered. They are reserved and rarely bark — you won’t hear any complaints from other pub customers. Like Poodles, a Pug can adapt well to different environments and have good socializing skills. They truly are ideal for people that thrive in daily get-togethers — brunch included.

Basset Hound

The only noise you might hear from a Basset Hound in a pub is its snore. They don’t make aggressive barking sounds toward strangers. Basset Hounds are in fact calm and collected breeds that love to sleep anywhere. You can go on with your plans without being bothered by them as they are easy-going canines. However, their relaxed behavior can be a double-edged sword. Basset Hounds might get lazy, and you’ll have a challenging time persuading them to walk.

French Bulldog

No wonder Jay Pritchett from Modern Family loves the adorable Frenchie, Stella — she’s well-behaved and totally sociable. The French Bulldog is undeniably a precious dog breed, as they can adapt to any lifestyle. Issues with other customers won’t arise when you bring them to local pubs. People would even grow fond of your Frenchie if you two are regulars. The dog breed also prefers relaxation and staying beside their human parent. Furthermore, French Bulldogs can be trained well due to their intelligence.

It’s vital to choose a dog breed that will easily get accustomed to your lifestyle. If you don’t, you may have difficulty with bringing them to places you usually go. The dog breeds listed above are undeniably commendable companions in local pubs. Your nights out will remain relaxing and fun with a dog that won’t cause you any problems. The local pub might even treat your pet as an important customer if you are a regular. Get yourself an endearing companion so you can enjoy local pubs, even if it’s just table for one.

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