Promising Cure for Dog Killing Disease!

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A company that discovered an antibody while trying to cure flocks of dying geese is using its research for a more cuddly purpose: saving puppies. The canine parvovirus which spreads through animal waste and direct contact between dogs kills many dogs per year at kennels, shelters and shows. Many dogs die because the antibiotics and other medicine needed to treat it can be very expensive- upwards of $2000.

The U.S. department of agriculture issued a conditional permit for the field trials that are taking place at sites in Missouri, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Texas, North Carolina and Arizona.  The path to this finding all started out with the West Nile Virus spreading through Geese and it was found the goose antibodies can be used for a variety of treatments including rabies, dengue fever, avian flu and some cancers. With this treatment the cost can be brought down to $75 with a higher success of treatment. The outlook is very good and they hope to be done with testing by next spring.

-The Associated Press

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