Woman Has Zero Regrets Paying A Professional To Take Dramatic Photos Of Her Cat

Only cat owners will fully understand what our little furry felines mean to us. They are nothing short of adorable. While most people would never think about getting a professional photoshoot done of their cat, one woman decided it was a great idea – and we think so too! The pictures could not have been any cuter as well.

Redditor Loverstits hired photographer Sarah Bourque of Wally & Roops Pet Photography to take pictures of her cat, Kazmir. The photographer met the cat and his owner at the picturesque Cattle Point in Victoria, British Columbia where they made photoshoot magic happen. Kazmir proved himself to be a natural in front of the camera.

The photoshoot only cost Kazmir’s owner $123, and it even included an assistant carrying around an off-camera flash in order to get Kazmir’s best angles. Kazmir was on a leash and harshness for the entire duration of the shoot, but Bourque was able to Photoshop them out during the editing process. This gave the finished photos a very natural look.

Kazmir’s owner was quite pleased with the outcome. She shared that she was not the least bit bothered if people thought she was strange to purchase a photoshoot for her pet – she’s a staunch supporter of the arts. She further stated, “These photos are going to be so valuable to me when my little guy is no longer with us. Anyone can take a picture but photographers are the real Gs for capturing a whole moment.”

Kazmir’s owner shared the photos of the feline photoshoot to the subreddit /r/aww. There it went viral and was upvoted more than 129,000 times, quickly becoming one of the subreddit’s top posts. We can see why they were so popular. Kazmir’s photos turned out quite lovely.

For more pictures that feature Bourque’s work you can check out her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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