Prisoners Train Puppies To Become Guide Dogs For The Deaf And Blind

A group of prisoners at the Macomb Correctional Facility in New Haven are taking part of an unique new program. The Leader Dogs for the Blind Prison Puppies program allows those incarcerated individuals to take care of a puppy and help train it to become a future guide dog for the deaf and blind.

Seeing an inmate carrying a puppy or another feeding a golden retriever a treat is a common occurrence at the facility. One inmate explains how each inmate in the program is responsible for a puppy. They must take care of the dog every minute of the day, but for some it is much more about having a four-legged friend than anything.

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“He’s with us 24/7. The puppy is a blessing,” said inmate, Mario Carines. “The environment is, by nature, oppressive, so seeing animals around when the program first began, guys couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t seen a dog in 22 years. He brings a lot of joy.”

Carines is currently serving a life sentence for first degree murder. However, he says he is happy to have a way to give back to society while he does his time.

Check out the video below from The Detroit News for more on this life-changing program.

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