Tiny Puppy Found On Side Of Road Was Limping, But This Vet Came Up With A Clever Way To Help

An adorable tiny puppy, named Princess, was found wandering alone on the side of the road and was thankfully rescued. She was brought to Vet Ranch because she was limping and wouldn’t put any pressure on her front left arm.

They suspected it to be a broken bone, but did some x-rays to confirm it. The x-rays showed that it was in fact broken, but it was already starting to heal and only a little displaced, so the vet decided to put a tiny splint on her to help it heal faster.

Princess is so tiny that it was hard to find a splint small enough to fit her. That’s when they got creative and made one using popsicle sticks.

Two weeks later, she was already running around, despite having the splint on. And four weeks later she was doing even better! The day had finally come where it was time to take the splint off and do another x-ray to see how her leg has healed.

Thankfully, her bone had healed completely and she was able to keep the splint off! She was running around like crazy and is such a happy pup, despite everything she’s been through.

And the best part of all? Princess has been adopted by a local family! It’s unknown how she wound up all alone on the side of that road, but at least now she is safe and will always be loved and well-taken care of!

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