Former Bait Dog Found Tied To A Tree And Badly Injured Is Finally Living A Happy Life

This Pit bull named Princess Grace was found tied to a fence and badly injured. It’s unknown for sure, but they believe she was used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring.

She was thankfully rescued and given immediate medical care. After she was nursed back to health, she was adopted! Now she’s enjoying the best life with her new mom.

They always say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Grace is learning so many cool new tricks and skills! She can retrieve and bring things to her mom on command, open and close doors and cabinets, jump through hoops, bring her mom a tissue when she sneezes, amongst many others!

She has so many reasons to dislike humans, but despite everything she has been through, she is still such a happy and loving dog. She and her mom share a very special bond that is irreplaceable and unbreakable.

She has also made friends with many other dogs and loves them just as much as she loves people.

Her story is inspiring people all over the country, and we can only hope that one day we can put an end to all dog-fighting once and for all!

You can follow Princess Grace on her Instagram page. And watch her in the video below:

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