They Thought Her Injuries Were Too Serious For Normal Living. In The End, The UNTHINKABLE Happened.

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This adorable hound puppy, named Primrose, was picked up by a field officer and brought to animal control. A rescue group then brought her to Vet Ranch for help. She had fractures in her face and her nasal area and was having a really hard time breathing. She had a lot of congestion and swelling in her throat, and on top of that she had a dislocated jaw.

Because one of the fractures was potentially very bad, the surgeon recommended euthanasia but Dr. Karri at Vet Ranch refused to give up on little Rosie, and thank God she didn’t! They did teeth extractions and kept their eye on her for the next couple of weeks and she was doing well and the fractures were healing. They said that even a fractured face did not stop her from acting like a normal puppy. Luckily, she healed up well and the only thing she would have forever is a crooked jaw; but that just makes her unique and she is still just as adorable! By the end of the video you can see how happy she looks and also how much she’s grown over the course of that time!

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