A Pregnant Dog Was Kept On A 4-Foot Chain. When She Was Rescued, They Found A Sweet Surprise…

A pregnant dog was rescued after being kept on a four-foot chain. Soon after, her daughter was rescued. But they were in for a real surprise. It turned out that her daughter was pregnant, too!

The reunited the mother and daughter, and they were beyond happy to see each other! Now both of the dogs, and all of their puppies, are getting the proper care they need. They are all grateful to be safe now, and they get to be together as one big happy family!

Thank goodness for their rescuers. They saved two dogs, but really wound up saving many more than that! It’s really sad to see dogs being treated that way, especially pregnant ones! But thankfully these dogs never have to worry about that kind of treatment ever again. They will feel love for the rest of their lives! Watch them in the video below:

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