This Precious, Teacup-Sized Pup Takes His First Bath And It’s Downright Adorable!

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Do you remember your first bath as a baby? Odds are, you probably don’t. I know I definitely don’t. But, you most likely have two things in common with this pup. First, you were once small enough to fit in a kitchen sink, so who knows, maybe that’s where your first bath took place as well! And second, given that babies are only really capable of eating, sleeping, and crying, you could’ve fallen asleep during your first bath time experience too.

Regardless of whether or not those things actually happened to you, watching this pup experience his first bath is the cutest thing ever!! The little guy is so relaxed he can’t even keep his tiny eyes open! The water must be just the right temperature. Looks like this adorable puppy is going to have a lot of baths in his future!!

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