This Former Bait Dog Has Been Through SO Much. Her Resiliency Inspiring… WATCH!

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This Pit bull, named Precious, was a former bait dog who was found on the streets of South Central Los Angeles, bloodied and wounded and left for dead. She was emaciated, unable to walk, and had no ears. Love That Dog Hollywood took her in and fortunately was able to turn her life around and give her the happy ending that she deserved!

They didn’t think that Precious would survive the rest of the day let alone have the miraculous recovery that she did. It took an entire two years for Precious to be back to normal health, happy and wagging her tail again. Looking at her, you would never know that just a few years ago she was left for dead, dying in the streets. Her bravery, resiliency and determination to live is truly amazing! She even found her furever home and will be given all the love in the world for the rest of her life!

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