7 of the Easiest Dog Breeds to Potty Train

Dogs can understand and follow basic commands if you train them at a young age. Before teaching them simple tricks, owners have to prioritize potty training. A puppy needs to learn where to defecate so it won’t cause any accidents or setbacks. Owners need to discipline their dogs carefully to train them well. Patience and love for your dog will help you train them well.

Potty training is also beneficial for people who have a hectic lifestyle. When they leave their dog at home, they are confident that it won’t make any mess. Potty training should teach them the right spot to finish their business. The training also includes teaching them how to live with a daily routine. It will prevent your dog from building bad habits, especially when outside. They won’t also try to leave waste on the couch or the bed if they are potty trained well. House training can be basic, but you’ll need consistency to unlock the achievement.

The Seven Easiest Dog Breeds to Potty Train

If you are having trouble choosing the right dog breed that can be easily potty trained, you can check out the list below. Your choice is narrowed down into the seven dog breeds that can quickly learn the ways of potty time.

Australian Shepherd

You can never go wrong with an Australian Shepherd. These dogs are intelligent, making it easy to teach them proper potty skills. Your little Aussie is a fast learner, especially when you train them daily. The training must include limited treats and crate training. Owners should also introduce an Aussie to a bathroom schedule. As it grows, it will learn to limit bathroom breaks and go three to five times a day.

Bichon Frise

This cloud of fur is not just cute and cuddly — a Bichon Frise is also a bright dog. Crate training is also recommended to teach them good potty habits, and their love for human validation pushes them to learn certain commands and skills. When introducing a Bichon Frise to crate training, do not inflict pressure on them. It should feel comfortable inside the crate — eventually, it becomes the dog’s security spot. It also helps when you leave the dog inside the crate overnight or when you are not at home.


As one of the smartest dog breeds, Collies greatly love learning new skills. Potty training can also be a stimulating mental activity for these dogs; you just have to train them with a lot of friendly encouragement. Usually, Collies show the results of proper potty habits after three weeks of training. You have to wait for another four months to observe breaking habits, and you won’t have to worry about unexpected bathroom breaks that require cleaning.

Miniature Schnauzer

You can find a fast learner and reliable dog in a Miniature Schnauzer. These dogs can show you results days after the beginning of the training. A miniature Schnauzer can be pretty sensitive, so there shouldn’t be room for rough training — show them that you are patient and encouraging. Patience is vital for the whole training, as schnauzers can sometimes be stubborn.

Shiba Inu

Known as a highly independent and confident dog breed, the Shiba Inu can potty train well. The AKC also considers them as dogs that are innately house trained. A Shiba Inu puppy also knows it is wrong to do business in his sleeping area. They can catch on quickly, and the fastest learning duration is one day. Even though this dog breed is a natural clean freak, you still have to observe them for four months. That is, if it breaks a habit or acquires a particular health condition, you’ll see the change and be able to correct it right away.

Shih Tzu

Born as good lap dogs and endearing companions, Shih Tzus can be potty trained in a few weeks. Dog owners can achieve a week-long training when they combine it with patience, determination, and consistency. Shih Tzus may be small, but they are intelligent people pleasers. These lap dogs can also be hard-headed, making them sometimes difficult to train, but with persistence, you can make a month into a week. Moreover, understanding their behavior is important, mainly in that a Shih Tzu is prone to anxiety and has a small bladder.

German Shepherd

The dog breed with many occupations has proven its ability to immediately learn a command. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs. This is the primary reason why they are suitable for assisting humans in their occupations. They are also obedient and confident. You can successfully potty train a German Shepherd with gentleness and consistency. An established schedule is vital so that they have a routine to follow. Verbal commands could also help hasten the process, such as “go potty” or “do your business.”

Potty Train Without Pressure

Ensure that you potty train your fur babies without putting much pressure on them. Not all dogs have the same brainwaves, and you must understand why they act a certain way. You also need the right tools to make things easier, including crates and pee pads. If you train them outside, ensure that they won’t do it on your neighbor’s property. Choose a spot where the urine or stool won’t cause any inconvenience. It’s also best if there is a place where you can easily cover it with soil or pick it up. If you are planning to be a dog parent, you should prepare for this kind of responsibility before adopting the dog of your choice.

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