Nobody Wanted These Pot-Bellied Pigs. When They Ended Up In The Hands Of This Woman, It Changed Everything.

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Susan Parkinson spends her days taking care of potbelly pigs that nobody wanted. The first time she saw a baby pig, she knew she had to have one. Decades later, she has taken her love for pigs to a whole new level. She opened Lil’ Orphan Hammies, a sanctuary for unwanted, abused and abandoned potbelly pigs. She launched the place 24 years ago, and it has grown tremendously since.

Each pig that she rescues has its own pen. Overtime, it has grown into a five-acre sanctuary in Solvang, California. As of now, she cares for 70 pigs, all of whom are up for adoption. Her mission is to show people that these “micro mini” pigs don’t stay this size for long. Many people buy these tiny pigs thinking they will stay small forever. Then once they exceed the weight they thought they’d be, they get rid of them. To better educate people on this issue, she walks her two-year-old pig, Hamlet, downtown. Sadly, Parkinson says she gets at least 20 calls a day from people who want to get rid of their pigs. Her dream is for there to one day be no more unwanted pigs to have to rescue.

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