Porpoise Appears To Be Crying As It’s Being Sold In Chinese Meat Market

Porpoise tears are more powerful than you might think.

Onlookers at an outdoor meat market in China were stunned to see a finless porpoise crying as it was being prepared for sale.

Finless porpoises are a critically endangered species, the World Wildlife Fund maintains, and it is illegal to buy or sell them in China. All porpoises are subjected to trade controls by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and hunting, killing and trading of finless porpoises are prohibited by the Wild Animal Conservation Law.

Source: YouTube/Bla Bla 1
The finless porpoise was seen crying as it lay in a meat market in southern China.

There are fewer finless porpoises in the world than giant pandas, with only about 200 remaining in the Pearl River Region where this one was found.

They are still sold on the black market in East Asia, however, as this one was seen at a market in Xuwen, a seaside county in China’s Guangdong Province.

Source: YouTube/Bla Bla 1
Finless porpoises are critically endangered, and illegal to sell or trade.

The Express reports that eyewitnesses Cheng Mingyue and Cheng Jianzhuang reported the Finless porpoise to authorities, noting its length at 5 feet, 7 inches, weighing more than 110 pounds.

Onlookers’ stories matched the video released by Chinese media People’s Daily, which shows the rare porpoise “crying” tears as it’s about to be sold.

Source: YouTube/Bla Bla 1
Two men rescued the porpoise and sent it back out to sea.

Finless porpoises have no dorsal fins, but dorsal ‘grooves’ that help them navigate currents. They are sometimes called “river pigs” for their distinct appearance.

For the meat market vendors, the animal may have fetched a decent price. For Mingyue and Jianzhuang, it was just too much to bear. The men paid a little over $222 for the animal, which they then carried back to sea.

Source: YouTube/Bla Bla 1
This porpoise’s tears may have saved its life.

“The fish vendor lent us a puller he used to transport goods,” Mingyue told Beijing Youth Daily. “At around 4pm, we pulled the ‘dolphin’ to the beach and set it free.”

Watch the emotional rescue in the video below.

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