If He Didn’t Have Quills, You’d Think This Porcupine Was A Puppy! (He Already Thinks So!)

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When you think of porcupines, you probably think of reserved little animals who just want to be left alone. The words “playful,” “cuddly,” and “warm” most likely wouldn’t come to mind unless you’re thinking of a puppy. Well, Snickers the porcupine, who lives at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, acts more like a puppy than a porcupine!

He jumps up on the woman’s legs asking for attention, and then lies down on his back to get what he loves most: belly rubs! Then he jumps around and spins in circles and just looks so happy! Although he seems so cuddly, you still have to remember that Snickers is in fact a porcupine with quills, so gloves must still be worn while holding and petting him. Watch the full video of this adorable little guy below:

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