The ‘Poop Purse’ Is A Stylish New Way For Pet Owners To Pick Up Their Dog’s Waste

When we have a dog, we want to take care of their needs, and sometimes, this requires that we take them for a walk and allow them to relieve themselves.

The problem is, it isn’t exactly the most attractive thing a human can do. Carrying around a plastic bag full of poop doesn’t do much to improve your appearance, but now the “Clean up Purse” can do much to help.

A company that creates elevated essentials and luxury items for both pets and humans is Shaya. They have taken things to the next level with this accessory for those who walk their dogs but don’t want to look like they’re picking up poop in the process. It’s a bag that holds everything that’s needed for walking the pet, including that roll of poop bags.

This accessory is known as the “Clean up Purse” and it’s a little piece of luxury for humans who don’t want to carry around a visible bag full of poop.

According to the official product description: “Now even the worst part of walking your dog can be done in true fashion.”

The miniature bag also comes in many different colors, so you can choose the one that works best for you. Some of the color options include black, ruby, cobalt, and blush pink. They even have an all-vegan option for those who would appreciate it.

You can attach the bag to a leash, carrier, or your keys if you like. If you purchase a leash and collar from Shaya when ordering the Clean up Purse, you can get a 30% discount.

Make sure you browse around at some of the options they have available, such as their line of pet carriers.

There’s nothing like looking your best as you are toting your furry friend around town or around the world.

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