She Tries To Get Her Pup Out Of The Car. When She Walks To The Other Side, Watch The Poodle!

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Some dogs don’t like the car because they associate it with trips to the vet. But most dogs get overly excited just from hearing the word “car.” This little poodle definitely feels the latter. He loves the car, and maybe a little TOO much, considering he doesn’t want to leave it. His human is trying to get him out of the car, but whenever she tries to grab him, he avoids her. He sits on one of the seats, and then his owner walks around to the other side of the car to get him out, he hops back to the seat on the other side. He does this every time. He really doesn’t want to leave the car! At least getting him into the car is probably never a problem! It’s just the getting him out that is hard, lol!

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