This Adorable Loving Pooch Sniffs Out A Bad Babysitter And Saves The Day

As a parent, there comes a time that one must start the long and grueling process of selecting a babysitter. And after several interviews and a background check that comes up squeaky clean, you have finally chosen someone worthy enough to take care of your child when you aren’t around. Your mind should be at ease. But for the Jordan family that was not the case. Unfortunately the multiple interviews and background check failed them from sniffing out the abusive behavior of their babysitter. It was actually the family’s dog, Killian that alerted Ben and Hope that something was amiss.

After noticing the strange and aggressive behavior, in the normally kind and loving pup, toward their new babysitter, Ben and Hope Jordan set up an intricate recording system (involving an iPhone and baby monitor) to see if something was wrong. Their worst fears were realized. Their squeaky clean babysitter turned out to be abusive toward their son, Finn.

Thankfully, they were able to resolve the situation before Finn was seriously hurt. And the day was thus saved, all thanks to the protective and heroic Killian, aka Super Dog!

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