The ‘Pooch of NYC’ Goes Viral For His Proper Poses

There may be a lot of negativity out there on social media, but there is also a lot of good. Mostly, that comes in the form of adorable animals! Most of us who have a social media account or two, follow some kind of animal influencer. They’re adorable! Who doesn’t like to log onto their account only to see a cute slew of different animals being their naturally adorable selves?

And if you’re not following the Pooch of NYC, then you don’t know what you’re missing. The highly popular pet-fluencer, Agador, is quite possibly the cutest dog you’ll see on Instagram. Agador is a little Maltipoo who loves to show off his exciting New York life online.

And believe me, Agador has more of a fabulous life than most of us. He is often doing exciting photoshoots of himself wine tasting, grabbing a quick coffee, or just enjoying the busy streets of New York. What makes this pooch so precious is the fact that he’s got a little fro going on with his perfect curls.

And if that isn’t cute enough, Agador dresses up as well. Plus, he often poses with another little pet-fluencer, @littlefreddietinkles, and together they both deliver the kind of wholesome doggie content that we live for.

Check out some of the adorable pictures of Agador below:

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