A Pony Who Was Found Getting Eaten Alive By Maggots Reunites With The Woman Who Saved His Life

A little black and white pony named Buggy was discovered with three other ponies in a field in West Yorkshire, England, by a woman named Chloe Atkins. Even from a distance, Atkins could tell that Buggy was in horrible shape.

As she got closer, she could see that he was being eaten alive by maggots. There was a giant spot on his back that was missing fur and even skin. And he wreaked of filth. She immediately contacted World Horse Welfare and told them about Buggy’s dire need of care.

World Horse Welfare Officer, Sarah Tucker, arrived soon after to take Buggy in. Despite their best efforts, Buggy’s owner was never found. If he was left alone like that for a few more days, he most likely would’ve died.

Now Buggy is in good health and his wounds are all healed up. His hair has grown back and he looks absolutely beautiful! Now that he is all better, World Horse Welfare arranged for Atkins to come back and reunite with the pony who she saved. Watch her reaction in the video below:

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