The Most Adorable Friendship Between a Little Pony and a Charming Girl

A person’s childhood is most memorable when they go through it with friends. One little girl, Ella, has the best memories with her little pony named Black. When you follow the Instagram account, linelaagasken, you’ll witness the precious bond between Ella and Black. They spend time with each other almost every day. It seems that Ella got her love for horses from her mother, Line.

Line shares her love for horses on both Instagram and TikTok. Most of her content are videos of Ella and Black — whether they are chilling on the farm or enjoying a nice ride. A video from Instagram just touched the hearts of 2.5 million viewers. It was the sad reality every childhood friend must face. Outgrowing one another is inevitable — even in human and animal relationships.

In the video, a montage of Ella and Black’s moments was shown, and a text says “I’m sorry that I’m small and you can’t ride me forever.” It’s saddening that the little kid will soon grow into a woman and won’t spend the same amount of time with Black like before.

What makes the video even more heartwarming is the background music, with the lyrics, “You’re enough, I promise you’re enough.” The song was by Sleeping at Last, famously known for providing slow and touching songs similar to “You Are Enough.” The caption adds to the heartwarming feeling, saying, “You’re enough. We will always be together,” with a heart emoji. The video shows Black’s perspective and how sad it would be when Ella could not ride and bond with her anymore.

Instagram users who watched the video teared up because of the message implied in the video. It’s a saddening thought that growing up means people have to outgrow certain people and things. However, with bond is as remarkable as the one between this little girl and pony, growing up won’t be such a bad thing. They can still spend time with each other.

The mother and child from Norway will surely continue their love for horses — no matter how much time passes. And the bond between Ella and Black will be unbreakable as well.

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