This Five-Day-Old Pony Discovers A Giant Ball And It Becomes The Best Day Of His Life

What’s cuter than a tiny pony playing with an exercise ball? Not much! I guarantee this will be the cutest video you see all day.

Tino the Shetland pony loves playing outside. When he’s given a huge exercise ball, he gets so excited and starts to play with it. He jumps all over it with his two front feet and pushes it around with his nose. If you’re having a bad day, just watch this video!

The amazing part? Tino was only five days old in this video! It’s amazing how smart horses are and how quickly they catch on. According to his owners, Tino showed interest in the ball since the day he was born!

Today, Tino is now two years old, but it’s safe to say that he probably still loves his exercise ball! Watch how adorable he is in the video below. I dare you not to smile!

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