They Formed An Inexplicable Bond, But After They Were Separated The Unthinkable Happened.

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For seven months in 2011, Lance Cpl. David Pond and his Belgian Malinois military pup, Pablo, walked the streets of Afghanistan, searching for bombs that could take out a platoon. They’ve been through so much together, and Pond claims that Pablo saved his life. When David’s service ended, the two were split up; Pond to Colorado, and Pablo to other assignments. But now Pond faced PTSD and traumatic brain injury and all he wanted was to bring Pablo home.

After endless letters to politicians and an online petition, the reunion between the two best friends finally came true! Now the two are back together where they belong, with their unbreakable bond. Pond believes that now he will feel more at peace and thinks Pablo will help him with his PTSD. “I don’t have kids, but it’s my son. It’s the closest thing to a son I have,” Pond said in the video. And I am so glad that Pond has his son back!

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