This Pup Couldn’t Walk, So He Made Him A Home-Made Wheelchair…And It Will Put A Smile On Your Face!

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A Victorville, California woman became worried when she noticed there was something off about her dog, Benny. Benny, a three-year-old Pomeranian mix began losing the use of his two back legs. When she found out that the surgery could cost upwards of $8,000, she knew she couldn’t afford it now and had to do something in the meantime. That’s when her boyfriend, James Paniagua came to help.

He began google searching “dog do-it-yourself wheelchairs” to get some ideas, and four hours and $40 later, Benny had an easy way to get around! Paniagua made Benny a wheelchair using PVC pipe and wheels. He said the pup already seems so much happier when he’s in it, opposed to dragging his back legs along when he’s struggling to walk. Paniagua plans on making a few changes to the wheelchair, but check out Benny getting used to his new ride in the video below:

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