Netizens Applaud the Efforts of a Police Officer to Protect and Care For a Stray Puppy

A community consists of people who play a huge role in maintaining harmonious surroundings. Police officers are one of those groups, as they are expected to serve and protect citizens. Their duty is to make people feel safe and to honor the oath they took before they started their journey. You are in a safe community when surrounded by officers who work with integrity. Some are naturally born to be one; even when it’s out of their responsibility, they would do their best to ensure safety and maintain order. Fascinatingly, humans aren’t the only ones they can protect, because this officer once dedicated a shift to a stray pup.

Photo: Facebook/SPCA Florida

While Officer Kareem Garibaldi from Lakeland Police Department in Florida patrolled, he encountered a puppy he almost ran into. It was an eight- to ten-month-old Pit/Boxer mix with no identification tag or collar. The situation worried Officer Garibaldi, so he took the puppy and started his mission. He utilized the power of social media to easily reach people, where he posted pictures of the poor pup. However, no one messaged Officer Garibaldi, so he decided to care for the dog until someone reached out. The officer never left the puppy alone and was with him for three consecutive days of his 12-hour shift.

Since no one claimed the dog, Officer Garibaldi waited for his shift to end to bring her to a medical center. It wasn’t even part of his responsibility as a police officer, but he really took matters into his own hands. He ensured not only her safety but also her health. People from SPCA Florida Medical Center admired the police officer for the efforts he was willing to make for the stray dog. Out of admiration, the shelter’s safety net manager, Connie Johnson, took a picture of the officer, who had fallen asleep in the waiting room. She posted the photo on Facebook, which caught the attention of the netizens.

“I could not resist taking this picture when I walked into the clinic at SPCA Florida this morning. Officer Kareen totally went out of his way after working all night to make sure this puppy was safe and sound. Thank you so much for all you do!! You are such an inspiration,” Connie wrote in her caption. The photo was initially posted on SPCA Florida’s Facebook page, where they mentioned and praised the act of kindness Officer Garibaldi did for a stray puppy. Many people were amazed by his efforts, and the post garnered 2.4k likes and hundreds of comments and shares. The Lakeland Police Department also acknowledged their officer’s effort and determination to do his duty as a protector through a Facebook post.

Thankfully, Officer Garibaldi’s effort wasn’t all in vain, as the puppy found a new home. She now goes by Hope. The officer really touched many hearts, and he definitely deserved all the recognition. If not for him, another puppy might have been found dead on the streets because it couldn’t survive alone. The officer represented all members of the community who step up when someone needs help, even when it’s not within their responsibility. They have contributed to shaping a society that shows kindness to both animals and humans — a community with an inspiring story.

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