Police Dog Can’t Walk In New Winter Boots

A video of a police dog struggling to walk in his new winter boots has people everywhere giggling.

Jary is a Belgian Malinois who joined the Rapid City Police Department in South Dakota in 2016. He and his handler, Officer Matt Hower, have worked together for the past two years.

The 5-year-old pup is very social and friendly, and lives with Hower in his home.

“He’s pretty much a lap dog,” Howard says, even though he’s almost 100 pounds.

Jary got a new addition to his uniform this winter, and he seemed… a little alarmed by them.

The boots are made of nylon, and are necessary to help protect Jary’s paws from salt, ice, and snow now that winter has officially settled in.

As anyone who has ever tried to put footwear on a dog can attest, shoes can throw off a dog’s balance and can be difficult to adjust to, as the pads of a dog’s paws have a natural grippiness.

“He’s worn them before but these ones are particularly new,” Officer Hower said in the interview below. “I went ahead and tried ’em on, and we just all got a good laugh.”

After Jary’s new boots are on, he starts lifting his legs laughably high, as if to shake off what’s on his paws.

But he can’t get them off.

He lopes forward a few paces, a bit confused, and then just freezes with his right paw in midair for quite some time. He has no idea what in the heck is on his paws and what to do about it.

It’s not until a police officer helps him stop focusing on the booties by having him trot around the room and fetch a toy that Jary momentarily forgets what’s going on with his feet and resumes a somewhat normal gait.

But then he’s back to lifting his feet up slowly, almost marching, as he walks back across the room with the toy in his mouth.

While his fellow police officers definitely find it amusing, they also encourage Jary as he gets used to his new footwear.

Watch the video of Jary’s boot adventure in the video below!

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