Police Dogs Are Hard Workers. But When This One Finally Gets Some Down-Time, Watch What He Does!

Not all dogs spend all their time snoozing around on the couch, eating treats, and running around the backyard. Some dogs are hard at work every day, whether it’s assisting those in need, protecting us, or even serving our country! Police dogs are one of the hardest working dogs out there. They are specifically trained to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel in their work. Their duties include sniffing out drugs and explosives, searching for missing people, looking for crime scene evidence, and protecting their handlers.

But sometimes working dogs need a break! When they aren’t working, they are just like any other dog. This German Shepherd police dog was in need of some down time. He had the time of his life running around in an open field, splashing in big puddles. He goes from puddle to puddle, running as fast as he can. You can tell he LOVES water and is such a big goofball! It’s amazing how these dogs can be so playful, yet know exactly when to be serious. Watching him play makes me so happy! Take a look for yourself in the video below:

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