The Ohio Police Department Couldn’t Find The Owners Of This Stray Dog…So Look Who Wound Up Adopting Him!

On March 31st, the Kirtland, Ohio Police Department posted a photo of a stray dog on their Facebook page with the caption, “Missing your dog?” For weeks they searched for the owner of this pup, but no one came forward.

stray police dog

Since they didn’t know the dog’s name, they began calling him John Doe. Of course they wanted to find a good home for JD, so they decided to give him one themselves. After receiving permission from the Chief and the Mayor, JD has been adopted by the Kirtland Police Association!

stray police dog 2

City Hall, along with their local fire department, also get to share ownership of JD. He went from roaming the streets without a home, to gaining a furever home and plenty of friends! Now JD will always be well taken care of and given so much love!

stray police dog 3

“JD has fit into the environment as though he were here always. We are happy to have him in our department and our lives,” they wrote on their Facebook page. “He loves everyone and we love him.”

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