When This Young Polar Bear Cub Is Introduced To Her New Home, Her Joyous Reaction Says It All!

Nora, a 10-month-old polar bear cub, has arrived at her new home at the Oregon Zoo. She will move to the polar bear habitat after 30 days in quarantine — a standard practice for animal health. Once she transitions, she will be introduced to 31-year-old female polar bear Tasul, who they believe will serve as a great mentor to Nora as she grows into an adult polar bear.

Nora came from the Columbus Zoo where staff raised her from one pound to the 150 pounds she weighs now! The Oregon Zoo explains that Nora’s birth was significant for animal-care facilities across the country, since polar bear births are relatively rare. Polar bears are born blind and less than a pound in weight and only have a 50 percent survival rate in their first few weeks of life.

Polar bears are threatened by climate change; they are designated as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, and they’re on the World Conservation Union’s Species Survival Commission’s Red List identifying species at high risk of global extinction. Polar bears like Tasul and Nora represent significant advancements in the welfare of the species.

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Watch Nora in her new home in the video below. She is full of energy and excitement and is one happy polar bear!

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