This Mama Polar Bear And Her Two Young Cubs Share An Adorable Moment Together In The Snow!

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It’s winter, which means it’s that time of the year again when polar bears leave their dens. Parks Canada photographer Andrew Manske, was lucky enough to capture some footage of a polar bear family in Manitoba, near Hudson’s Bay! It’s so heart-warming to see these beautiful polar bears enjoying their time together as a family. And they’re cuter than ever!

A mother polar bear and her two newborn cubs were playing together in the snow. One of them climbs up and hangs from his mother’s back while she’s walking. Then the mother slides around in the snow, on her back, belly and all over! You can tell that she’s enjoying this winter wonderland and is in total bliss! When her cubs see her sliding around, they quickly join her. They both try to climb up on her, and then eventually wind up play-fighting with each other. This makes them hungry, so finally they nurse together from mama bear.

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