Dog Passes Away After Eating A Poisonous Meatball At The Park

A toxicology report has been released on the poison meatball found in Mistletoe State Park that killed a dog. The chemical found inside of the meatballs was Aldicarb, which was banned for commercial use in 2017 by the EPA.

They had some difficulty locating a lab that would look at the contents of the stomach of the dead dog to analyze it.

Georgia DNR game warden Chris Atkins said: “I contacted the University of Georgia and they referred me to Michigan State University.”

Aldicarb is poisonous enough that the National Institute of Health says that seven drops could kill a person. It was found in the meatball along with caffeine.

“The report stated that the presence of caffeine indicated misuse of a pesticide for the intent of baiting,” Adkins said.

Adkins said that it is not permissible to use baiting tactics.

“This wouldn’t be something that anybody would put out,” Adkins said.

“There are other ways to manage a nuisance wildlife problem if that’s what somebody was doing.”

“I’ve gotten it down to where I can sit down for 30 minutes a day and just cry,” Flynn said.

Flynn admits that they will never be able to replace their dog, Ripit but they have adopted a new dog since then.

“I literally hike with a gun, medicines for snake bites, medicines for bee stings, medicines for wounds, everything,” Flynn said. “I did not have Atropine on me. I never expected to need Atropine.”

Flynn hopes to increase her reward to $10,000 to find who did it. She hopes that it will give other pet owners peace of mind.

“I’ll never know who did it, but at least the park will be safe for somebody else,” Flynn said.

Ever since the incident occurred, Flynn has not been back to Mistletoe State Park. There are just too many painful memories. If you know anything about this incident or if you have information on who did it, call the Ranger Hotline at 1-800-241-4113 or call the Georgia DNR’s local office at 706-595-4211.

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