Plumber Rescues Newborn Puppy After It Gets Stuck In The Bathroom Drain

Puppies are notorious for two things: being absolutely irresistibly cute and getting into trouble.

In fact, a 2-day-old puppy from the Beenleigh neighborhood in Queensland, Australia, found itself in a very dangerous situation while in the bathroom of its owner’s home. The little pup was there resting with its mom and siblings, when the drain cover which was in the middle of the bathroom, accidentally came off.

Before the owners could fix the problem, the puppy, along with a littermate, accidentally ended up sliding down the drain. As USA Today reported, their mother was able to grab one of the puppies in time – pulling it out by the tail to safety. However, the other puppy managed to slip all the way down to the bend where it got caught in the pipe.

The owners of the puppies were understandably panicked, so they immediately called a plumbing service for help. Joseph Egan is a plumber based with The Brisbane Plumbers, and he was the one to receive the call – and given how strange it was, he initially thought it was a prank.

As Egan shared with USA Today, “I realized it was serious. She was really quite panicked. You could really hear it in her voice that she wasn’t lying.”

The first thing that Egan did when he arrived on the scene, was to set up a small CCTV camera which he sent down the pipe to assess the situation and figure out the puppy’s location in the pipe. The whole rescue was captured on camera.

Once Egan was able to locate the puppy within the pipe, he went on to cut out a section of the pipe, after which he managed to gently shake the little puppy out of the pipe.

Throughout the rescue, the poor little puppy was yelping the whole time, probably terrified out its mind. Thankfully, the puppy didn’t get any injuries during the ordeal.

Egan had never seen anything like it in his 12 years as a plumber, so it was safe to say it was his first-ever time rescuing a puppy from a pipe.

“This was pretty unique for this situation to unfold and for the puppy to survive. It’s nothing short of a miracle, really,” Egan said.

Besides the puppy surviving unscathed, there was another little bit of good that came out out of the situation. It actually inspired the family to come up with the appropriate name for the puppy – Troopie, because the puppy was such a trooper throughout his ordeal.

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