This Playful Goat Uses Her 300-Pound Pig Brother As A Trampoline And Has An Adorable Blast!

Goats are so cute and seem to always be so happy. Just like this little hyper pygmy goat who was running and hopping all over the place. The baby goat in this video is just as happy and is having a blast jumping around. But unlike the other hyper pygmy goat, this one isn’t jumping on other goats…

She’s jumping on her 300 pound pig brother! The pig is just lying there, trying to take a nap, and this baby goat is basically using him as a balance beam. She walks on his back and falls off but then gets right back on. Then she starts to jump around on his back, while her human fittingly calls her a “gymnast.” The pig stays still the entire time, so he definitely doesn’t mind it; he’s probably used to it by now! Such a silly goat!

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