Dog Who Couldn’t Walk Spent A Year In A Shelter. Then This Family Gave Her The Best Gift Of All!

When rescuers got to her, she was so malnourished and weak that she could barely walk. With her ribs poking out and the look of sadness on her face, she struggled to get onto the sidewalk with the help of the rescue team.

They brought her to a shelter, where she sat in her cage, lonely and depressed. But she warmed up to the staff very quickly, and they discovered that she’s actually an extremely friendly and affectionate dog. She loves cuddles and giving lots of licks and kisses. The vet techs there all fell in love with her. Just look at that face, who wouldn’t?!

A year had passed and the poor pup was still sitting in the shelter, awaiting her forever home. Then, that day finally came, and it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly! A family who makes wheel chairs saw her and knew they had to help. They made a custom wheelchair for her, but the kindness didn’t stop there. They gave her the best gift of all: a forever home!

Watch this sweet girl in the video below:

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