In Just 6 Seconds, You’ll Be Smiling As Hard As This Baby!

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Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds on the planet. Many people wrongly believe that this breed is inherently violent, due to the bad reputation pit bulls have garnered from being the choice fighting dog of violent and heartless men. However, science has proven that dogs are only as aggressive as they are raised to be. So, if you adopt a pit bull puppy and raise it in a sweet and loving home, then odds are you’ll have the sweetest and most lovable dog around. Without a single bad or aggressive bone in his canine body.

Like this adorable and loving pit bull dog! As he interacts with this baby, it’s clear that he poses no threat, but instead simply wants to shower some puppy love on his baby owner! The laugh that erupts from the baby?! I couldn’t help but laugh right along! Hopefully, this video can help clear up any confusion about just how gentle, loving, and kind pit bull dogs can be.

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