Dog Beats Cancer And Gets A Surprise Gift For His Birthday

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is always difficult – not just for the one being diagnosed, but also for their loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s not just humans who have to suffer through cancer battles, but our pets as well.

When a pitbull named Wallace was diagnosed with a cancer called hemangiosarcoma, his owners were devastated. They figured that his time was coming to an end, and the diagnosis was bleak – giving him only two to three months to live if he didn’t undergo chemo.

But the intrepid little pitbull pulled through and made it longer than diagnosed. He made it to his 11th birthday and was able to live 7 months chemo-free. His owners knew that there was only one way to celebrate the pooch’s milestone birthday. And that was to give him the birthday present to end all birthday presents.

Watch the adorable reaction below:

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Anastasia is an American writer and journalist living in Dublin, Ireland. Her Twitter is @AnastasiaArell5.
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