This Pit Bull Had A Deformity That Disallowed Him To Walk. Watch Him Take His First Steps After A Life-Changing Surgery!

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Roscoe the Pit Bull suffered from a very serious wrist and ligament deformity that prevented him from being able to walk and play like a normal dog. He arrived at Ashland Humane Society in North Carolina, and then had major surgery to give him “new legs” and had intense physical therapy. Thanks to $4,000 worth of kind donations, Roscoe was able to get this surgery.

Now he found his furever home with an amazing family and a new doggy pal. Watch him as he takes his first steps after his long road of recovery. He went from having to be carried everywhere, to being able to walk on his own! He does it with ease and finally looks like a normal pup! He walks around, wags his tail, and barks. It’s clear that Roscoe is so much happier now, and I couldn’t be more glad for him!!

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