Woman Saves Pit Bull From Zip-Tied Crate In Park Porta-Potty

Dogs love unconditionally and would never abandon their loved ones. Sadly, many dogs are dumped in parks or on the side of the road when they are no longer wanted. They are left to wonder what they did wrong to be left behind.

A woman visiting Polkton Township Sheridan Park in Michigan was shocked to find an abandoned dog in the park’s portable toilet.

The pitbull was inside a zip-tied crate without food or water. The woman found him Monday morning in the cold. She immediately cut the zip ties and loaded the sweet boy into her car. He thanked his rescuer by covering her in kisses.

Photo: Facebook/Harbor Humane

She contacted Harbor Humane Society, a local animal shelter, for help. The shelter named the dog Jon and posted, “This is Jon. He’s one of those ‘pibble’ types that we see a lot of here at the shelter, but that have a special place in our heart as a result.”

Photos: Facebook/Harbor Humane

The post went on to say, “Luckily, Jon had some human angels of his own looking out for him, and they found him this morning. They were able to cut the zip ties loose and get him safely to us here at Harbor. Reportedly, many thank you kisses ensued…as does with most dogs who have, literally, had their lives saved.”

Jon has already stolen the hearts of the entire staff and everyone he meets. He appears to be in good health and has returned to his playful self now that he is safe. The shelter plans to evaluate him and then put him up for adoption.

Photos: Facebook/Harbor Humane

Followers have already fallen for his adorable face and playful personality, so he is sure to find a loving home soon. The shelter reminds people to reach out to their local shelter if they are not able to care for their pet. They deserve to find a loving home and in the meantime, be properly cared for.

Photo: Facebook/Harbor Humane

Abandoning a pet is never a solution. “There are so many more stories like Jon’s. Every day, strays are brought in by community members or animal control.These animals deserve better – and we are here to help! If you have or know of an animal that can no longer be in the home, need help with food or medicine, or you need advice on how to care for or train your pets – please, reach out.”

Watch Jon play with toys as he waits for his forever home in the video below. Remember to adopt not shop!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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