This Dog Rescue Story Will Break Your Heart, Then Put The Pieces Back Together!

This poor dog, who had just had a liter puppies, is emaciated and roaming the streets alone. Thankfully, the crew from Pit Bulls & Parolees were able to give her a happy ending!

They got a call from a security guard at a local supermarket about this helpless Pitt who was walking around the parking lot. They pull up and the dog runs right up to them, wagging her tail. You can tell that she is a loving pup who is in desperate need for help. They put her on a leash and fed her some food right away. The dog led them right up to the house where she lived and they knocked on the door in search of her owner. It turns out that her owner is in jail, which explains why the dog hasn’t been very neglected. They take the mama dog home with them and discuss with an attorney to try to get the puppies from the house that the dog came from. They negotiated with the homeowner and were finally able to rescue the puppies. Two of them looked okay, but the other two, not so much.

The ending is so sweet! The mama dog was finally reunited with her puppies, who began nursing immediately. Thank God for people like this who are kind enough to devote their lives to saving animals!!

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