Loving Pit Bull Finally Finds Forever Home After Being Overlooked For 400 Days At Shelter

A stray pit bull, just a pup herself at a year old, arrived at Arizona’s Humane Society of Wickenburg with her six puppies. The puppies were quickly adopted, but Lola continued to be overlooked.

The staff couldn’t understand how the sweet dog who loves to snuggle and go for walks was still available a year after she arrived. Lola, now two-years-old, had spent over half her life in the shelter and deserved a loving home of her own. She just wanted a forever home filled with squeaky toys and a family to love.

Screenshot: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

She patiently waited over 400 days for someone to choose her, but when no one came forward to adopt her the staff reached out to a partner shelter, Arizona Humane Society (AHS) in Phoenix.

While AHS’s “Project Reachout Program” is usually for dogs that are sick, injured, or abused, they agreed to take Lola. She quickly won the hearts of the staff at the new shelter and they were just as dumbfounded as the previous shelter as to why she still hadn’t found her forever home.

“She is a happy, wiggly pup who loves people, is well-behaved, and is house trained. When this sweet girl isn’t out in the play yard getting her wiggles out, she can be found snuggling with her favorite two-legged friends and getting some well-deserved belly rubs,” posted the shelter.

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

Apparently all Lola needed was a “change of scenery” to find a forever home. In less than a day, a family inquired about Lola and after a successful meet-and-greet adopted her.

“We are happy to share, after less than 24 hours at AHS, Lola was adopted,” exclaimed the shelter.

“This lucky 2-year-old Pittie is now residing with her new family in Mesa, AZ and is a perfect example of the importance of collaboration between rescues and shelters to help save as many homeless pets’ lives as possible! Just this year alone, AHS has transferred in almost 900 pets in need from other shelters, just like Lola, through its Project Reachout Program. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet girl and her new family!”

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

Lola is thrilled to be out of the shelter and to have finally found her people. She was sporting a huge smile in her adoption photo.

There are so many dogs just like Lola waiting in shelters across the country for someone to pick them. If you are looking for a best friend that will always have your back, head to your local shelter and adopt!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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