This Incredible Pit Bull Drags Her Human To Safety From An Oncoming Train

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This video shows a story that is absolutely beautiful and should not be missed. A woman who has been struggling with alcoholism had an unfortunate relapse that landed her drunk and unconscious on a set of train tracks. She would have been struck by the oncoming train if it hadn’t been for her loving Pit Bull, Lily.

Lily is a loyal and brave Pit Bull that understood the danger her human was in and decided to take action. As the freight train approached, Lily was able to drag her owner to safety. Unfortunately, Lily suffered from several severe injuries because the train was unable make a complete stop in time. Her leg took the brunt of the impact and had to be amputated. Thankfully, Lily received the medical attention she needed and was able to recover with the help of physical therapy.

It really goes to show you that the breed is not the problem when it comes to dogs. It’s all about the upbringing. If a pup is brought up in a good environment and shown the love and care it deserves, the pup is going to be as sweet as can be. Just look at Lily as an example. Her human loves her and she loves her human, so much so that she was willing to risk her life for her human.

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