Pit Bull Only Has Two Years To Live So This Rescue Group Is Making It The BEST Two Years Possible!

Ayita was born with a rare genetic disorder called Canine Mucopolysaccharidosis or MPS. Her body cannot break down sugar. The disease itself is extremely complex. It effects bone growth throughout the body. Because of MPS, Ayita is small with spine defects and flipper-like feet.


Ayita was living in a terrible place! But thankfully, her hero from New York Bully Crew saved her and brought her to the shelter. She is SO LOVED now! All the dogs flock to her, and give her lots of kisses every day! It’s almost like they knew she needs extra TLC!

It’s like the other Pit Bulls understand what Ayita’s body is going through. Not only do they accept her, they adore her!


Even though Ayita won’t live a full life, the life she’s living now is full!

Her rescuer said: “We’re just gonna make sure that whatever amount of time she’s on this Earth that it’s gonna be filled with love and affection.”

Sounds like a perfect life to me!

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