Pit Bull And Blind Chicken Were Best Friends That Did Everything Together

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes, as well as species. And one little chicken, in particular, is loving her best friend who happens to be a Pit Bull.

When Peri the chicken was only a few days old, she got adopted into her forever home. Her family doted on her, but sadly, Peri developed a very nasty eye infection. Despite the medication and the visits to specialists, poor Peri went blind. Her family was there every step of the way for her, and they did their best to ensure that the little chick grew up well cared for.

As Peri’s owner, Christa Hubbard, relayed to The Dodo, “We made adjustments to help her as she lost her sight: bowls on a throw rug that make noise, special low roosting bars, an ottoman in the living room to ‘watch’ TV with us in the evening and an extra large ottoman in our room, next to our bed, for her bed. We hired a chicken ‘nanny’ to help her out when we weren’t home.”

Pulling out all the stops for this important member of the family meant that Peri grew up to be a very spoiled-but-affectionate little chicken who enjoyed the company of her family. And there was one member of the family in particular that Peri was very fond of: Taj the Pit Bull.

Their bond went as far back as the day that Peri was adopted. As Christa explained, Taj showed a very protective side around the little chicken and was always there for her.

As she said, “He was three years old and quickly took to helping her find her way. A seeing eye dog for a hen. These two spent the next eight years together. He would guide and protect her. They napped together, sunbathed together. Taj died in July 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Peri was lost without her buddy — she knew he was gone.”

Sadly, when Taj passed away there was worry amongst the rest of the family as to how the chicken would cope with his absence. Trying to fill the void, the family got the chicken some new friends in the form of some Pit Bull puppies.

The family adopted a pair of puppies, and as soon as they did, Peri immediately took a liking to Gracie. They two then formed an inseparable bond like the the one Peri had shared with Taj.

Gracie also would show major concern for Peri and was known to bring Peri her toys. And of course, the chicken was more than grateful for Gracie’s care and affection.

Christa said, “Gracie will bring Peri a toy, place it in front of her and wait. When Peri is out in her yard doing chicken things, Gracie can be found laying outside the fence waiting for her (Peri has a fenced-in area as we have a pool). When Peri is on her ottoman ‘watching’ TV, Gracie brings her a toy. First thing in the morning when we get up, Gracie checks on her sleeping friend.”

It’s always sweet to see animals looking out for one another and showing genuine love. It warms us to our cores.

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