Tiny and Frail, She Followed a Runner Over a Mile Trying to Get Noticed

Pipa was only 8 weeks old when she was found on the side of a country road. She was covered in lice, sores and had ringworm. She was full of parasites and emaciated. The little bit of fur she had left was scraggly and thin.

Even though she was so tiny, her spirit was huge. This tiny survivor used all the strength in her frail little body to chase after a runner for over a half a mile crying and trying to get his attention.

Emmet County Animal Shelter

The runner brought Pipa to the Emmet County Animal Shelter in Estherville, IA in hopes to save her. Once Pipa was in their care they could see what a special little soul she was and they made every effort to help her. They fed her and gave her tons of love until she was able to heal enough to be adopted into her forever home.

Pipa or PipPop as she is now called by her family, lives in a loving home with many furry friends to play with. She has all the luxuries a kitty could dream of and has grown into a beautiful and healthy cat. She enjoys playing with her new furry siblings and taking naps in her “sleeping bowl” which is her favorite spot besides her momma’s bed.

Emmet County Animal Shelter

This sweet little girl has so much spirit and spunk it’s very easy to see how she was able to survive. She is definitely a beautiful soul in a fluffy body and will live out the rest of her kitty days being loved and spoiled.

Emmet County Animal Shelter

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