A Three-Week-Old Piglet Meets A Rescue Pit Bull. How The Pig Reacts Is Too Cute!

This three-week-old piglet, named Pigalina, has been introduced to Levi, a four-year-old rescue Pit bull Terrier, and absolutely loves him! They live with their owner Melissa Susko at her pig animal sanctuary in West Virginia. Sadly, Pigalina was rejected by her mother, but now she will always be safe and loved on Melissa’s farm.

In the video below, watch Pigalina try to play with Levi while he’s trying to take a nap. She climbs all over him as if he’s her own personal jungle gym. Levi doesn’t mind though and just lies there while Pigalina does her thing. He is very gentle with her and they will probably become best friends in no time. Look how adorable their interaction is!

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