Rare Piglet Meets His Father For The First Time. His Reaction Is Priceless!

It was a celebration at one Oregon zoo as they celebrated the birth of a rare Visayan warty pig. This species of pig is thought to be an endangered species and only about 300 are thought to be in existence. 5-week-old Milagro is making headlines again as the rare piglet met his father for the first time.

Nicknamed Milo, the adorable animal prepared for the big event and strutted out into the enclosure to meet his father. Within minutes, it was like the two had never been apart.

“Within about 15 minutes of meeting each other, Sam lay down and the kid jumped right up on his back,” keeper Michelle Schireman said in a statement. “He’s just full of energy. He gets the zoomies all the time.”

Milo is continuing to grow and is expected to live a healthy life. He love to eat fruits and vegetables and enjoys taking a nap. One of his favorite past times seems to be pestering his parents as you can see in the video below.

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