This Piglet Was Drowning In A Well. What They Did To Save Him? So Courageous!

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This piglet fell into a well and was trapped with no way out. He was treading water for a while, and had nowhere to hang onto that would allow him to take a break. Thankfully, the rescue team from India’s Animal Aid Unlimited showed up and was able to rescue this piggy just in time.

As they were getting the harness on the rescuer, the piglet began to drown. My heart was beating out of my chest during the entire rescue! They quickly lowered the man down into the well, and he swam around the algae-filled water, looking for the drowning piglet. He grabbed hold of him as soon as he could and the team lifted the two up to safety. The pig squirmed around a little at first, but then realized that these people were just trying to help. They wrapped up the pig in a warm blanket and fed him. He recovered well and most importantly is alive, thanks to these awesome people!

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